The Law Offices of William C. Reil


Bill Reil is a trial lawyer who has litigated numerous educational matters, criminal and civil cases, and administrative hearings. Bill has appeared in court in matters involving homicide, civil death cases, federal lawsuits, bullying, and litigation against educational institutions, and a variety of other cases. He continues to enjoy the challenges of representing clients in these areas and advocating for them in court. Billís law practice involves representing people who want to use his trial experience to win their case. Bill has served as a continuing legal education instructor for Pennsylvania lawyers. He personally handles each clientís legal matter.

Bill has practiced as a trial lawyer and has taught for over 30 years. He has represented hundreds of clients and taught more than a thousand students. He has litigated over 300 civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks counties. Mr. Reil is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. He has a Master's Degree in mathematics and holds a Doctor of Law. He has taught high school, and at Villanova University, Temple University, Holy Family University and Philadelphia Community College.


His law practice has involved high school, college, graduate and trade school students, as well as teachers and other professionals seeking reinstatement, damages and injunctive relief. These actions include due process and administrative hearings, litigation under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, anti-discrimination statutes, and the Civil Rights Act, in addition to breach of contract and equitable relief. Some of these statutes allow for a successful party to receive damages, attorney fees, litigation costs, and court-ordered resolution. Bill has tried cases involving allegations of assault, including sexual assault, in criminal and civil courts, and in administrative hearings. He has served clients in the medical, legal and other professional fields, particularly with licensure and disciplinary matters.

Bill Reil's representation of students has dealt with such issues as bullying, dismissal, plagiarism, disciplinary sanctions, and grade appeals. There are several approaches to bullying cases depending on the age of the student, type of harassment, and duration. He has also represented teachers in licensure, tenure, contractual and First Amendment claims. This can involve strategic consultation with the client, negotiation with administrators, representation at hearings and appeals, a criminal defense or a civil lawsuit. His advice has been sought by those who have been treated unfairly and illegally by schools and governmental agencies. Bill believes that his extensive experience as a trial attorney, professor and former graduate student provides valuable insight into helping students, parents and professionals with their legal problems.